Thursday, February 7, 2008

matching pet and owner clothes

Today, human and hound can share everything from a Valentine's Day
meal for two, to spa and pampering products and even matching
clothes. "People view their dogs as extensions of their
personalities," says Kevin Fisher, co-owner of
Many prospective dog
owners are just not convinced that owning an older (6 months+)
'pre-owned' dog is better than buying a puppy. But there are a number
of reasons why adopting a pet from a rescue that carefully screens and
My earliest memories of Thatha are the gravelly voice of
shoes and cobblestones, and the softness of his khadi clothes: the
proud heritage of his freedom fighter days. Of the strong whiff of
Brylcreem when we sat in the living room,
No matter if you are
searching for that cozy Fleece Dog Bed or Casual Dog Cushion Bed for
the floor or perhaps something more elegant such as a piece of Dog
Furniture to match your room's motif, we have a pet bed to
accommodate the
According to Sealy, the mattress company, 67% of US
pet owners regularly sleep with their dog or cat. You and your little
loved one can be matching fashionistas in co-ordinating newsboy caps
and scarves from Barking Baby.
Since we usually hung our clothes
outside to dry, (rendering them a musty odor when winter dictated we
hang them in the basement) often times clothing that had to be worn
to school the next day would get draped over a chair in hopes
wanted a blog to match her site and to keep the clean look. Her blog
header and character will change with the seasons like her website.
See it here ( Character
and dog change outfits
Every owner may dress his pet by paying
attention to the current trends when it comes to Dog Clothes. The
owner will definitely enjoy a lot of attention coming form the people
who are admiring his pet because everyone is likely to
match samples to my renderings; I enjoyed the exact detailed work
required in creating perspectives by hand. I spent about ten years
doing contract and residential perspective renderings/interior
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Kath also stresses
the importance of good hiking boots, "it doesn't matter if your boots
clash with your clothes but you can buy clothes that will match them
before you leave anyway." "People can get quite competitive walking
the Cameo
As a shopaholic, it is easy to understand the draw to dog
clothes and pet apparel. If you think baby clothes are cute, nothing
is more adorable than little hoodies or dresses for dogs. These
designer clothes bring creativity,
Getting Pet: Animal Planet's
"Getting a Pet" guide asks readers to consider buying vs. adopting,
overall cost, and matching the right environment when getting a new
pet. Caring for a Blind Pet: This article from Associated Content

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powered by FreeFind Poochie is an online luxury pet
boutique that provides pet owners with luxury dog beds, dog clothing,
designer dog carriers, collars,
Taurus Dog hairs on the clothing, that
unmistakable aroma — has your owner been walking other dogs? To get
your answer, you must think like a detective. And that means thinking
like your owner. Hmm …. Gemini
The owner is accustomed t believing
that his pet is a real treasure and he will be interested in buying
small dog clothes that are matching the pet's personality. The dog
will thus be fully integrated in the human family and culture;
fabrics we choose come straight from the clothing and upholstery
industries, no cheap secondhand throwaways for us. In fact, we go so
far as to design fabrics ourselves that will match our high
standards. We believe in comfort and
Why do people clothe their
pets? Most pet owners follow fashion trends, which they eventually
try on the animals. Matching apparel for the owner and the pet is
considered cute by most pet owners. Pet apparel is meant for both
The girl's clothes were left behind. Her cell phone and her
belongings were still present. One tragedy here is that multiple
girls were OK with going to bed with windows, and/or glass doors
unlocked and uncovered, and one was OK with

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